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IoT製品とスマート家電の最新情報【+Style MAGAZINE】


What is +Style?

+Style is a platform that connects companies producing IoT (Internet of Things) items with consumers interested in these new products. A fusion of planning, crowdfunding and shopping, +Style gives companies complete control over operations, from project planning to sales, while at the same time ensuring that they can respond to consumer needs. +Style expands purchasing options by introducing products not previously available.

1Shopping : Purchasing products unavailable in Japan

The shopping component of +Style gives consumers the chance to purchase the latest IoT products. Sales styles vary, including advance sales, built-to-order sales and limited-quantity sales. The sales screen can contain videos that showcase product features and benefits in addition to detailed explanations. This screen can also be used to conduct test marketing before releasing the product in brick-and-mortar establishments.

2Planning : Participatory product planning

Companies post their IoT ideas and products on this website, where we invite people to share their opinions and experiences regarding these new inventions. Posts can include sketches and videos of a product in addition to explanations that showcase features and benefits. Encouraging the public to voice opinions on new IoT devices at the planning stage keeps companies in touch with their customer base.

What is IoT?

This is an acronym for Internet of Things. In a nutshell, IoT is a network of products connected to each other via the internet. Until recently the only things that could connect through the internet were computers and mobile phones. With IoT just about anything — from home appliances and furniture to automobiles and fashion goods — can communicate together via the internet. This makes it possible to recognize, measure and control these things remotely. Each item in the IoT can automatically access the internet, as well as allow people to control access manually.